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I recently ordered from Not Your Daughter's Jeans two pairs of white petite Marilyn straight leg jeans, expecting them to be made in the USA as all of the jeans from that company have been that I've ordered in the past.One was returned due to fit, but I didn't notice the tag "Made in China" until I saw the difference in the front zipper seam.

When I ironed the pair I kept, I noticed so much more -- or shall I say, LESS. They are harder to iron due to an inferior quality of material, but more importantly, a one inch area of a leg seam is not caught in the anti-fray stitching. It has only 1/8" or less to the outer sewn seam in the thigh area. I'm sure it will eventually split and leave an opening.

How this could be cut in such a fashion I don't know, but China does not have the quality control by which your company ordinarily seems to adhere -- all the more reason for your company in the USA to inspect every article from top to bottom before shipping it to a faithful customer! SHAME ON NOT YOUR DAUGHTER'S JEANS for using a Chinese product when we should expect a product made in the USA.

How many other people out there have been duped?SHAME ON THIS COMPANY AGAIN!!

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #945955

I'm sure that when you ordered your jeans it said where they were made.And if they were defective why didn't you just return them?

Shame on you for being too lazy to read all the print and inspect the product when you received it. So what's your issue?

did you return them?or did you just write a comment on your laziness?

to Holly Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #946072

Chill out, Holly.Go to their website and tell me if you can find ANY petite straight legged jeans listing China as to where they were made.

That is EXACTLY why I complained about this issue. Of course I inspected them upon receipt. There is no reason you could think otherwise. As to my being "lazy": I emailed them FOUR times, never receiving a response.

What kind of company ignores its customers?Get a life!

to Holly San Francisco, California, United States #970147

This has less to do with Holly, who sounds like a ***, than the NYDJ company.Horrendous customer service.

No response after three attempts to email them about a pair of jeans that after a few months, has become too puckered too wear.

Called them today and was asked for, among several other pieces of info so I could get a replacement pair that I do not want...a receipt --even tho I bought them a few months ago.Who keeps receipts after the first few weeks and after you've washed and worn a new article of clothing a few times?

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